Questionnaire related to the activity status of artists in Kyoto

This questionnaire aims to reveal the current situation of individuals, organizations, and business offices related to culture and arts activities in Kyoto city under the continuous pandemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), as well as the demands for the restart of these activities.
Besides direct performers in culture and art activities, this questionnaire also targets at the supports of these activities (producers, curators, technicians, etc.), facilities (theaters, clubs, welfare and educational institutes, etc.) as a wider scope in the field.

Questionnaire is closed. Thank you for your cooperation.

This questionnaire is open to those who have not applied for Kyoto City Cultural Arts Activity Emergency Incentive Grant in Response to COVID-19.
Your answers would be very much valuable for our evaluation and implementation of future policies.
Thank you very much for your cooperation in advance.

Survey subjects: Artists and individuals who support culture and art living or based in Kyoto City Organizations/business office involved in cultural and art activities based in Kyoto city or conducting operations within the city

The responses we receive will be statistically processed and analyzed in a way that the organizations/ business offices are not specified. Results will be released on the websites of Kyoto City ( and Kyoto Art Center ( for further public discussions (tentatively by the end of June).

Responsible Organization: Kyoto City (Implementation Contract: Kyoto Art Center )