Nice to meet you ARTECHNIK

Nice to meet you Artechnik
Period:November 3 – December 24, 2017 11:00 – 20:00 Admission: 500 yen(Free for high school students and young children)
Venue:sendai mediatheque 6F Gallery 4200(2-1 Kasugamachi, Aoba Ward, Sendai city, Miyagi Prefecture 980-0821, Japan)
Artists:Aono Fumiaki, Iiyama Yuki, Inoue Ami, Takamine Tadasu, Momma Miki
Access to the venue:
By subway
Kotodai-Koen Station is a three-minute ride from Sendai Station on the subway bound for Izumi-Chuo. From there, walk six minutes westward, along Jozenji-Dori from the ‘Park 2’ exit.
By bus
The ‘sendai mediatheque’ bus stop is approximately a ten-minute ride from Sendai Station on the ‘Kotsukyoku Daigaku Byoin via Jozenji-Dori’ route.

Organizers:Sendai Cultural Foundation(Sendai Mediatheque)
Co-Curator:Osanai Ayako(Survivart), Hosoya Shuhei, Shimizu Kent(Sendai Mediatheque)
Supporters:Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Acitivities
Cooperators:Higashiyama Artists Placement Survise(HAPS), Cafe Philo de Sendai

We live in a highly technological society, one too complicated to grasp as a whole. These technologies provide us with a convenient life, while also giving rise to catastrophe. Having experienced a nuclear disaster, we must once again consider these technologies lying within arm’s reach. In this regard, art can be of help. Art is a technique developed in the body, one honed by individuals within the various conditions of their daily lives. However, we tend to separate art from society, and have come to regard it as something special. Alternatively, we tend to use art as a means to affirm the status quo, as though it were a commodity or political policy. As such, we perhaps need to inspect not only modern technology, but also modern art. Only by this can a true “Arts of Existence” emerge in today’s modern society.

In this exhibition, five artists express the awe of nature and the unknown, the joy of fumbling around and the humor that exists in the hand’s skill through a consideration of art and technology. They try to convey to us the techniques and energies necessary to explore in this harsh world.