We will start “Social Work / Art Conference”.

While relying on the knowledge of various experts, in this program we provide consultations for artists who are dealing with social issues in their work, and organizations and cultural facilities that are hoping to expand their field of activities.


Engaging in Rewarding Art-related Exchange

Contemporary society is faced with a variety of problems and difficulties such as declining birthrate and aging population, poverty, gender gap and social inclusion for people with disabilities. Artists who have a sense of fewer prospects regarding society and the mediators who support them have created new possibilities for people and places involved in on-site expressions such as visual arts, drama, and music. This has also prompted a reexamination of the relationship between society and contemporary art, and promises to expand the field of arts.

With the Foundation-Building Program for a Harmonious Society Realized Through the Arts (based on a plan formulated by the City of Kyoto), HAPS has implemented a means of realizing a society in which art inspires people from different walks of life to become involved with each other.

However, there is still a low level of awareness regarding this approach to art, and even when people are familiar with it, they often lack in shared experiences and analysis.

Based on these circumstances, HAPS has launched a new expanded consultation program called Social Work / Art Conference.

By creating a link between social work, which sets out to protect human dignity and values, and art, which raises stimulating questions related to society, we have conceived of these conferences as a venue for exchanging various opinions. In doing so, we aim to provide support for those who, based on a profound sensitivity to art and creative expression, are hoping to undertake activities with greater social relevance. By broadly stimulating the relationships between people, things, places, organizations, and ideas, we hope to improve the quality of these interactions in order to attain a future marked by more fulfilling activities, both on a social level and in daily life.

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Social Work / Art Conference
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