GA TALK 040 “Art Museum Ecosystems – From the series Contemporary Art Museums in China” by Kodama Kanazawa (curator)

GLOBAL ART TALK 040 “Art Museum Ecosystems – From the series Contemporary Art Museums in China” by Kodama Kanazawa (curator)

When visiting art museums in foreign countries, one may be puzzled by the difference in appearance from what one is used to.

In “Contemporary Art Museums in China Today,” Kodama Kanazawa profiled Shanghai’s art museums in a series of nine articles online that began in March 2022 in Bijutsutcho. In contrast to Japan, where most art museums are public institutions operated by the national or local government, most art
museums in China are private ones operated by individuals or companies. The differences in invested funds can lead to differences in the size and scope of curatorial staff and in the theoretical approach to exhibitions. While it is true that art and artwork are universal, this series r1veals how art and art museums also have their own individual local ecosystems.
In this GLOBAL ART TALK session, Kanazawa will examine and introduce the landscape of art muse­ums in Shanghai while raising attention to art and their museum ecosystems.

About the Talk

Time/Date:2023.5.19 FRI 18:30〜20:00
Venue:Ningenkan, B1F, Video Hall, Kyoto University of the Arts & Online Talk

Organized by:Kyoto University of the Arts, Graduate School of Art and Design Studies

About the Speaker

Kodama Kanazawa is a contemporary art curator. She earned her master’s degree from he Tokyo University of the Arts and the Royal College of Art (RCA) in the UK. After woking for 12 years in public Art museums, such as the contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, she began working as an independent curator in 2013. Her recent major curatorial projects include YoJohama Paratriennale (2020), Hangzhou Fiber Art Triennial (Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou. 2019), solo shows of AKI INOMATA, Yuko Mouri and Rafael Rozendaal (Towada Art Center. 2018-2019), Enfance-(Palais de-Tokyo, Paris,2018), Kenpoku Art(6 cities and towns in lbaraki Prefecture, 2016), etc. Currently, she is a co-founder of Genldai Bijutsu Online Event JP,
an onlinecalendar that tracks digital contemporary art events conducted in Japanese, as well as a co-founder of Code-a-Mach1ne, and a guest lecturer at Kyoto University of the Arts.


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