Tomo Uesugi & John Dantonio Duo Exhibition

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Tomo Uesugi & John Dantonio Duo Exhibition
Feb 11, 2018 (sun) – Feb 18, 2018 (sun) 

Admission: free

Artist:Tomo Uesugi ,John Dantonio


Yokai SOHO
Access: 24 nishicho,higashi-iru, onnmae-dori, ichijyo-dori, kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 605-0033, Japan
Tel: 075-748-0626
Hours: 13:00 ~ 18:00


Yokai SOHO is pleased to announce an exhibition by two emerging artists, Tomo Uyesugi and John Dantonio. Tomo’s painting, inspired by new technology reflects the ‘borderlessness’ of modern culture. Using bright colors and lines that intersect into modern portraits. John’s Zen-like artwork inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship contemplates ignored or abandoned culture by the masses today. Like two sides of the same coin, these two artists have come together to reveal their perspectives on the light and darkness of our modern society. There will be a mini live performance by a special guest, singer songwriter AYU on the opening reception party. Please come and join us!

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