Case Vol.000 “omnibus”

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Case Vol.000 “omnibus”
Jun 5, 2017 (mon) – Jul 2, 2017 (sun)

Admission: free


galerie weissraum
Access: Evis Building 3F 82 Shimotutumicyo Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi Kyoto-fu Japan
Tel: 075-761-8565
Hours:Mon, Tue, Fri 15:00 – 19:00 / Sat, Sun 12:00 – 19:00
Closed: Wed, Thu

Artist:Yoshinori ANDO, Kosuke SHAKUDO, Maki FUKE


Yoshihiro Ando Project “Case Vol.000″ omnibus “-” Three-dimensional works with painting thinking, or Paintings with a three-dimensional thinking”- Concept

This exhibition is a group exhibition that will be held at galerie weissraum in my future projects. It is going to be expanded while changing the subtitle at the same time while keeping the title of the head as “Case Vol.00 * ~” (* is the number of times at that time). For each character, “Case” which is a case example is composed of artists selected according to the theme extracted from my point of view.

This exhibition “Case Vol. 000″ omnibus “is the first exhibition, but the reason why it was” Vol. 000 “is the form of a pre-exhibition before this project starts, so this figure I am doing it.
Also, this subtitle “omnibus” is a form attached to music album etc. and is similar to the one in which music of artists of various genres are packaged together in parallel, artists of various genres are brought together It will be an exhibition that I met.
This time, the major in the university is a three-dimensional major, but mainly composed mainly of paintings Kousuke Shakudo, mainly using the materials such as porcelain, lacquer and cloth on the wall surface making spatial composition work Maki Fuke who is being held, in addition, it is a three-person exhibition by Yoshinori Ando who is publishing a space composition and installation work by the development from paintings.
“-” Three-dimensional works with painting thinking, or Paintings with a three-dimensional thinking”-“ last written in Japanese in the title is one of the things that I am thinking about when it creates crossing the format and genre of the work It refers to the work formed by such thinking.
When I explain a bit about myself, the starting point of creating a work is abstract painting, and each time we continue to make works, the form of the work is in the painting world such as illusion in a flat canvas Departing from the expression of, I changed to the work making the space using the real material in the real space, the flow is very smooth and inevitable transition did. Also unlike the work configuration from thinking such as sculptural idea of materials and Muscle (massive) from its own origin, as to superimpose the multiple number of when to draw a painting on a canvas layer (hierarchy), as if they were real I adopt a style to construct using various materials such as iron materials and wood as if drawing in space.
As you can see, this exhibition welcomes two people who feel the same thought as the work I am practicing as a sense in the work, like the lightly crossing the genre. I am thinking of presenting an exhibit that will be visible by congregating three-person three works named”-”Three-dimensional works with painting thinking, or Paintings with a three-dimensional thinking-” .

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