Kano Shunsuke: Gaps in the Sandwich

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Kano Shunsuke: Gaps in the Sandwich
2021.10.26(Tue.) – 2022.1.23(Sun.)
Closed:Mondays, New Year holidays (Dec.28 – Jan.2) *except public holidays.



Kyoto City Kyocera Museum The Triangle
Access:124 Okazaki Enshoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8344 Japan


Kano Shunsuke is a Kyoto-based artist who works primarily with photography. His practice involves taking photograph after photograph, building them up into a single, complexly layered print in an endeavor to offer glimpses of images of another world within everyday things and landscapes.
The gallery on the first basement floor features Kano’s latest entry in Pink Shadow, the series central to his recent practice. By adding a transparent sheet with a dot pattern to the back of a photograph and lighting this from behind to rephotograph it, he expresses the complexity of positional relationships. The result evokes in viewers a sense of uncertainty over their response to what they are seeing. The ground-floor glass wall showcases a large installation with the most recent in Kano’s compression training drawing and collage series, created like daily sketches and here blown up and printed on fabric. Explore the mystery of “seeing” that accompanies novel subversions of perception.

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