Tentoumushi Project / Exhibition “Methods of Connection”

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Tentoumushi Project / Exhibition “Methods of Connection”
March 1 (Sun)-April 5 (Sun) 2020
Closed:Open every day


Kyoto Art Center
Access:546-2 Yamabushiyama-cho, Muromachi-dori Octopus Yakushi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8156, Kyoto Prefecture


20th Anniversary Exhibition by Tao Hui (China) and Kohei Maeda (Japan)

The Kyoto Art Center will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020. On this occasion, we realize various projects with a theme to commemorate this anniversary, “WE AGE”. This is meaningful for further progress with the accumulation of time of the past 20 years.

In this exhibition, volunteer staff voted for impressive exhibitions from the 2010 – 2018 organized by the Kyoto Art Center. The exhibition framework was assembled based on the vote results.
This exhibition “Methods of Connection”, by Tao Hui and Kohei Maeda, try to present the multifaceted expression in this international comings and goings of information.

Both artists realize their creation through memories, experiences and images through video, drawing, text etc…
Tao exhibits 《Hello, Finale!》(2017) , video installation conceived from his residency in Kyoto. 9 screens depict nine people engaging in phone conversations about some endings and death. Those videos on display, which share no actual connection, lead to individual contemplation of each piece whilst alluding to the incomplete stories of the protagonists as well as their possible interrelations. Kohei continues journey of exploration; Residency in Chiang Mai (Thailand) 2017, in Sydney (Australia) 2019. This time, he works on “Love Noise” project in Kyoto. This is a project trying to consider the concept “Love” through collecting participants “Love” voice. Through the associative games with their works, various new connections will be appeared.

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