Design Exhibition –The birds from the 47 prefectures in Japan–

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Design Exhibition –The birds from the 47 prefectures in Japan– 
Sep 18, 2017 (mon) – Sep 24, 2017(sun)

Henki Leung / Creative Director, Designer / Airside Nippon
Henki Leung, creative director/designer at Airside Nippon creates a series of graphic work focusing on the birds from the 47 prefectures in Japan. Using geometric shapes and pairing it down to its most simplest form is Henki’s signature style.

Born in England 1977.
After graduating from University of Plymouth in 2000, Henki was picked up to join Airside at their award winning design company in London. Airside’s unique approach has won many awards including D&AD, Bafta and Design Week which Henki took a major role for it’s winning design as well as creative directions. In June 2006, Airside achieved recognition of their creativity while using Apple products, and were profiled in a short video on the Apple Pro Website.

Since autumn of 2010, Henki moved to Tokyo to set up Airside’s first official studio outside of UK and incorporated Airside Nippon Ltd. in May, 2011. Airside Nippon studio hopes to make stronger connection between Japan and UK through design.
Admission: free


Dohjidai Gallery of Art
Access: 1928 bldg,1F, Gokomachi-kado, Sanjo-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Tel: 075-256-6155
Hours: 12:00 ~ 19:00(last day closing at 18:00)
Closed: Monday (Open: if the Monday is a national holiday)

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