Depth Of Light

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Depth of Light Art × Piano × Contemporary Music
【Location】Rohm Theater Kyoto < Main Hall > ※This event is online only.
【Stage (without audience)】August 31, 2020
【Performance】Madoka Fukami (Piano)
【Art, scenography and direction】Makoto Ofune (Artist)
【Composition】Naoki Sakata (provide new work), Philippe Hersant, Toru Takemitsu, Toshi Ichiyanagi

Streaming Information

3-Day Free Streaming (YouTube)
September 20 / 21 / 22, 2020

Paid Streaming (Vimeo)
September 27 – October 31, 2020


Appeared in darkness was the light.

From where it came from, or whether it is just a momentary phenomenon, there is no way to know. Just the light exists as if cleaving the space.

Now the world is lit, its contour is revealed, and so is the existence of everything, the individuals.
Rays of the light give the world both changes and changings that enrich our mind.

Wearing colors, co-existing with light and darkness, each of us is standing as an individual, linked to each other at the same time.
Reminded that the link infinitely continues, by sounds, beyond sights, far and far, deeper and deeper, and forever.

Depth of Light

Far beyond our imagination, the depth of the light knows no end.
Makoto Ofune

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